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  • Acute and chronic illnesses are managed by experienced General Practitioners in Tenterfield Medical Centre who not only provide immediate management needed but also complete preventative health care and education to the concerned.

  • General Practitioners in Tenterfield Medical Centre assure you the best possible care at your consultation as we believe in true and caring service. 

  • Tenterfield Medical Centre provides a range of comprehensive medical services in Tenterfield area to ensure you and your family stay in the best of health and receive the top medical assistance.


  • Doctors and nurses who’re fully qualified and remain updated with the latest insights in the medical practice.


  • The medical experience of our doctors and nurses is a minimum of 3 to 4 years, while our services still remain undisputed throughout the location.


  • We provide immediate medical assistance to the patients and maintain extremely high standards of cleanliness. The equipments that we use for general practices are properly sanitised and medically tested for use.

  • With the right amount of medical experience and concern for healthier humankind we consider ourselves responsible for the treatment of people residing in the Tenterfield district.


  • Over the years we’ve provided a range of comprehensive medical services to more than three thousand people across the place and are medically equipped to provide our services even in the future.

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